Winter Workplace Rituals with boxC

The cold season can get extremely difficult, especially when you’re trying to be sprightly and motivated to get some work done while at office! Legs freeze up, body pains stack up, procrastination is in the air and slothness is the mantra of the hour!

So how do you combat these four horsemen of corporate laziness? Well, for starters, if you have a boxC machine at work, there is some hope for you to get some work done after all! Let’s take a closer look at how you can work up a work mode with boxC shall we?

  • A generous cup of filter coffee – Now, if a cup of coffee wasn’t on this list, would this even follow sound logic? Well, since we’ve gotten straight to it, we can safely say that a nice big cup of filter coffee from boxC ought to give you that kick you need to power through your work. 
  • Some Hot Chocolate – Whatever question may arise, hot chocolate may not be the exact answer but it’s always a close second! So when you’re sitting in front of your screen, devoid of ideas and stuck in zombie mode, don’t be a tree! Go right over to the boxC machine and make yourself a cup of hot chocolate! 
  • A rejuvenating cup of Ginger Black Tea – Here we have a truly effective and fast cure for all that makes you unproductive at your desk. A nice cup of Ginger Black Tea will leave you feeling energetic and proactive, and have you ready to take on all those tasks at work that you were initially procrastinating about.

These are our picks, from more than 10+ beverage options you can get on boxC! What are your personal favourites?

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