5 Reasons to Look Forward to Winter

Winter is coming everybody! With a little song of Ice and Fire playing in the backdrop! For some of you, maybe it’s already here. That brings with a whole swing of bells and whistles, but hey, there’s so much to look forward to during the cold season that we sometimes need to take a step back and see for ourselves! 

Before we get carried away and without much further ado, here’s five reasons we love gearing up for the cold season:

  • Sweater weather – Being a country of predominantly varied tropical climate, the opportunity to bring the woollens out of the cupboard is quite a rare occurrence. Imagine the joy when you finally get to bring out those fancy cardigans and coats!
  • Bonfires & Get Togethers – The chill of winter brings with it the warm, glowing lure of gathering your close ones and sitting around a bonfire and bonding over some food and beverages
  • Holiday mood sets in – The onset of winter is something that the mind associates with gearing up for Christmas season subconsciously. Planning for holidays, season shopping and cheer can be found in the air!
  • Hibernation & Warm Beverages – Dropping temperatures are directly proportional to drops in people productivity. Because who doesn’t fancy taking the day off to cosy up under a blanket with your favourite book and a cuppa hot chocolate?
  • An excuse to drink more Chai – Chai is a beverage for all seasons, but there’s something about the chill of winter that makes the Chai ritual even more alluring! Winters are a great time to explore the world of Chais and try something different!

Chai Point is going extra this winter to bring you something new and exciting for the season! So keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned to this space!

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