The Chai Point Store Experience with Gaev Mehta, GM – Customer Experience & Operations

Whenever you walk into a Chai Point store and sit down to drink your favourite cup of Chai, there’s a lot more happening behind the scenes that we carefully consider to give you a top notch experience.

We’re in conversation with Gaev Mehta, GM – Customer Experience & Operations and here’s some candid bits from our tête-à-tête.

On Store Partners and how they are the gatekeepers of the customer’s experience:

Gaev: Our Store Partners without a doubt, are the ones that are the guardians of customer experience. Through training and hiring the right personnel, we address that on an initial level, but there is so much more that happens in real time, that you grow from. The important thing is to implement these learnings on a human interaction level which eventually trickles down to customer satisfaction. 

On the pillars of emphasis at Chai Point stores:

Gaev: For customers, what they see, how they get treated, speed of the order taking experience, quality of the service experience, quality of the product served, comfort of the seating, if the temperature in the store is well-regulated, the kind of music being played, a cheerful farewell, all these complete an experience and we pay attention to these on a very microscopic level.

On his personal take on how to create a memorable experience:

Gaev: The most conducive way to create a memorable customer experience is to know your customer through and through, meticulously. A personal touch is the best foot forward, and of course, the little philosophy that we do what we do what we do, primarily for our customers. The trick is always to be warm and genuine.


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