Payments Made Easy with boxC

Payments of any form can be a hassle, especially when a system/organisation lays down protocols that need to followed. Between rules, invoices and payment cycles, it often happens that the best solution for both the client and the service provider may not be reached through this iteration cycle.

To make this a whole lot simpler, the good people at boxC powered by Chai Point have now come up with a reminder cycle for payments where an e-mail would be sent to the admin/facilities manager regarding payment amount, due date and other particulars. This is being rolled out to ensure tighter payments for better serviceability while also maintaining a seamless process for smoother credit cycles and re-stocking. Reminder mails highlight overdues with an intent to resolve the issue with a simple click of a button or by reminding our clients that they don’t really have to struggle any more the resolve payments.

boxC’s payTM integration , which is the first of it’s kind, has also taken the credibility and convenience of boxC up by several notches. A truly landmark capability keeping in-sync with the current wave of smart technology providing efficient business solutions.

The integration of payTM onto boxC has enabled connection of consumption metrics to structure the selling model based on consumer requirement. Chai from boxC can be dispensed either free, price-per-cup or quantity-based pricing as requested by client.

So, if a client so desires to charge for a cup of Chai/coffee, all he has to do is set up the payment mode and whomsoever is using the machine, would first authorise the payment via payTM before getting his/her boxC beverage.

With the intent to change the way workspaces and offices go about their Chai ritual, there’s much more brewing in the world of boxC as we head into the business end of 2019! Keep your eyes tuned to this space!

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