The People’s Brew – October 2019

Dear Chai lover,

We’re back with another edition of The People’s Brew for the month of October! The chills are setting in some parts of the world and blanket weather is setting in, while it’s still sunny side up in the others. No matter what the temperatures, it’s business as usual over here at your favourite Chai/Coffee destination.

So let’s jump right into recapping all that’s been happening in the month of October! Sit back and enjoy the read! We’ve got a big spread coming right up!

New Product Launches:

We went all out this October to bring you a huuuuge spread of new things, straight from the Chai Point kitchen!

We warn that the imagery and descriptions of this sumptuous spread are not for the faint appetites.

  • Podi Idly – 12 soft, steaming, mini rice idlis flavoured with spicy / karam podi i.e. powder and desi ghee.
  • Bun Bhujiya – Soft, fresh bun stuffed with chaTpaTa bhujiya and flavoured with salted butter.
  • Bun Samosa – Soft, fresh bun stuffed with our signature samosa topped with spicy, sriracha sauce.
  • Keema Pie – Criss-cross short crust tart stuffed with tasty chicken kheema.
  • Keema Samosa – Mini samosas stuffed with marinated chicken mince filling.
  • Dabeli – Tangy sweet potato and peanut centred pav bun topped wth crunchy sev.
  • Chilli Cheese Toast – Fresh baguette bread with grated cheese, herbs and spices for zingy flavour.
  • Pineapple Pastry – Soft vanilla sponge cake topped with fresh cream and a slice of pineapple.
  • Red Velvet Pastry – Soft red velvet sponge cake with fresh strawberry cream.

In Focus:

We’re always on the lookout for young, energetic, bright minds to symbiotically grow and develop with us through their journey! Our Tech Team recently visited Vellore Institute of Technology for hiring engineers for Fountain – our in-house developed cloud-based F&B lifecycle automation platform. Congratulations to Prabhu Gantayat, Pulkit Dahuja and Kuriseti Perumalla Sathwik for making the cut!

That wraps up another edition of The People’s Brew. We hope you’re tuned in and that this edition brought about the drools! Come over to Chai Point or order online today and try our whole new range of  scrumptious offerings!

Until the next edition of The People’s Brew, keep calm and Chai on!

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