Munch & Crunch: Masala Mathri & Cake Rusk Reloaded

We often say Chai is a ritual, because drinking Chai is much more wholesome and indulgent than just transactional. Food, conversations, company and even work, they all get a new lease of life when set around Chai.

It’s a no-brainer that human lives are getting busier by the day. The Chai ritual or tea time, once an enjoyable ritual, has turned into a necessity of convenience for an individual. What used to be a prolonged unwind and de-stress tea time in the comfort of our homes, has now settled into short breaks during work hours, right outside the office buildings, at the local tapri. Your tapri does offer you a milkier, sweeter version of your favourite blend, along with some type of tea time snacks. If that isn’t your jam, and health is your forte, then a cup of green tea is the perfect fit for you, maybe even paired with some healthy snacks.

Ultimately, there is not a single tea out there that cannot be enjoyed with some form of sweet or savoury tea time snacks. Also, we’re bringing back two of our snacks that are high on taste, light on the wallet and stomach and go great with Chai!

Here they are folks, our signature Cake Rusk & Masala Mathri. Now, back and stocked at a Chai Point near you!

Walk in to your nearest Chai Point store today and get dipping, crunching and munching! Or order online on Swiggy, Zomato & UberEats. Also find us on:

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