Bringing the Bean to Your Cup

At every workplace, there are two kinds of people – the tea connoisseur and the coffee gourmet. And each, has his/her own excellent reasoning and habit for preferred choice of beverage.

Over the past few years through our journey of serving all of you a perfect cup at your workplace through boxC, we understood that there’s always been a constant buzz about coffee that we just couldn’t ignore. While our boxC filter coffee was well received, we felt we owed it to all you champs hustling at your workplace, an unparalleled coffee experience , courtesy Chai Point.

So what we did, was a little bit of R&D, and we came up with a solution for all things coffee that is engineered to give you the best-in-class workplace coffee experience. Introducing the freshest coffee maker on the block – our Bean to Cup dispenser, your one stop solution for all beverage needs!

The fully automated dispenser is touch-screen enabled and comes equipped with multiple beverage options ranging from premium coffees to tea bags and malts. It can simultaneously dispense milk and coffee while also being capable of dispensing multiple cups at once! It’s intelligent cleaning programme ensures that machine hygiene is regulated automatically drastically reducing the need for manual time, resource and monitoring.

Our coffee beans used to brew come in 70:30 Robusta to Arabica ratio to give you a good, consistent, silky blend that punches through the milk to give you a coffee experience so good, it would make you heady! The aroma of the brew from these beans would give you an indicator of how we’ve used only the very best beans.

Can’t wait to see this machine at your workplace? Connect with us for the bean to cup experience!

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If you must coffee, coffee up the Chai Point way!

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