Winters with Chai – Teaser

If your sweaters and jackets are out and there is a nip in the air during the evenings, you know winter has set in, in most parts of the country. Frozen hands and iced legs are a thing and could most definitely use a warm-up. Since December winters also coincide with the end of the year, you can see a whole line-up of winter-themed offers and flash sales all aimed to keep you warm and fuzzy from the inside.

Apart from conventional methods of temperature regulation like using a heater or layering up, you could also take the aid of good ol’ chemistry and biology to keep yourself warm this chill season. How you ask?

Well, according to “science”, there is no better way to get the body temperature up than from within. How does one achieve that you may ask. Well, the simplicity of this is mind boggling. All you need to do is eat and drink and be merry. Well, in moderation and with a little discretion of course.

From much-loved winter rituals like hot chocolate and marshmallows to a cup of steaming Chai/coffee, from sandwiches and omelettes to paranthas and idlis, we like to believe that our menu is a great springboard for you to tackle the chills from. What’s even better is that we’ve got something lined up for you that will warm your heart!

After all, the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, and we completely back this old adage!

So stay tuned to this space, keep your eyes peeled and your stomachs rumbling!

Our announcement is coming right up …

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