The People’s Brew – November 2019

Dear Chai lover,

We hope you’re all warm and cosy as we bring you The People’s Brew for the month of November.  We’re at the business end of 2019 and boy has November been an eventful month. From food and beverages to new Chai Point stores, let’s fill you in on all that’s been happening over at your choice destination for all things Chai.

Let’s jump right into recapping all that’s been happening in the month of November! Sit back, relax and recap the month that was with us!

New Product Launches:

Now, before we head into this scrumptious section, here’s another giant spread that we’ve been working and developing behind the scenes, now at a Chai Point near you!

Let’s take you on this appetite building exercise shall we?

  • Banana Cake with Salted Caramel – We felt it was time to evolve our Banana Cake to give you an edgier, lingering taste for the buds and so we drizzled some salted caramel sauce on our Hall-of-Famer!

  • Bubble Pop – Our range of Bubble Pop in three flavours – Iced Coffee, Mango Shake & Mango Smoothie will take you on a delightful, bubble popping, explosive beverage experience.

  • Heritage Chai 2.0 – Introducing Heritage Chai 2.0 – a range of Chai inspired by Chai practices from across ancient India, popular even today. Take in a sip of our rich history and culture as you indulge in our Heritage Chai collection.

New Store Openings:

We take your convenience very seriously, so we’re proud to keep adding to our ever-expanding network of Chai Point stores that helps us reach out to more Chai lovers .

So here are some new Chai Point stores that are open for your indulgence!

  • CyberHub, Gurgaon – Chai time at work just got an upgrade, Cyber Hub Gurgaon!
    Come on over for some great food & delicious Chai, while you de-stress with a quick change of scene! Reopened at Cyber Hub Upper Ground Floor, Building 10, Monday–Sunday, 8am–11pm!

  • Divyashree Orion, Hyderabad – What’s a busy working day without a Chai break to de-stress and restock some motivation?
    We’re now open at Divyashree Orion, Building 4B, Hyderabad! Open 8 am – 10 pm, Monday – Friday. Head over to our newest store to unwind and prepare for the day ahead!

  • DLF Mall of India, Noida – We’re enthused to be now brewing the perfect Chai at DLF Mall of India, Noida!
    Open to serve you 8 am–11 pm, Monday – Sunday, cause you may never know when the Chai Point calling comes!

In Focus: The Bean 2 Cup Machine

At every workplace, there are two kinds of people – the tea connoisseur and the coffee gourmet. And each, has his/her own excellent reasoning and habit for preferred choice of beverage.

Over the past few years through our journey of serving all of you a perfect cup at your workplace through boxC, we understood that there’s always been a constant buzz about coffee that we just couldn’t ignore. While our boxC filter coffee was well received, we felt we owed it to all you champs hustling at your workplace, an unparalleled coffee experience , courtesy Chai Point.

So what we did, was a little bit of R&D, and we came up with a solution for all things coffee that is engineered to give you the best-in-class workplace coffee experience. Introducing the freshest coffee maker on the block – our Bean to Cup dispenser, your one stop solution for all beverage needs!


That’s a wrap on an eventful month of November at your favourite destination for all things Chai! Now come on over to your nearest Chai Point or order online to get your hands on all the newest offerings from the Chai Point kitchen!

Until the next edition, keep warm and Chai up!

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