The New Year Revolution: A Guide to a Cleaner, Greener 2020

Time and time again, we go around in circles when it comes to practicing a way of life that is less burdensome on the planet. With so many external factors and influences affecting one’s own better judgement, sustainability is not a choice or war cry, but a way of life to be embraced and practiced.

So this New Year 2020, don’t just make a resolution for sustainable living, be the revolution for sustainable living! May the force be with you!

  • Use Kulhads instead of plastic / paper cups – Festive season is a great time to bring Kulhads back in vogue. Go be a trend setter!
  • Use paper straws – Straws are single-handedly the biggest contributors to the plastic menace. So if you must straw use paper, or get savvy with your own metal straw!
  • BYOC (get a discount at Chai Point) We totally support the BYOC initiative so carry your own cup if you like to get coffee/Chai to go. Also, you get a special discount for being a planet champion at any Chai Point store.
  • Switch to bagasse plates – Having a get together at home? Going the disposable plate way? Well, if you must, get bagasse plates which are a super eco-friendly alternative.
  • Switch to rice starch cutlery – Again, for all those get-togethers or while getting take out, insist on rice starch cutlery which is a bio-degradable, effective substitute for plastic.
  • Order from places which use bio-degradable packaging – Making a conscious choice about the brands you consume goes a long way in doing your bit to make the Earth a bit more sustainable.
  • Segregate your daily waste – The importance of segregating your daily waste cannot be stressed upon enough. Remember, the seeds of change are sowed at home.
  • Use organic waste as compost / fertilizer – Composting organic waste or using it as fertilizer is a stellar way to not only nurture your home garden but also to ensure that organic waste is decomposed efficiently.
  • Switching off the electronics at home when not in use – That light in the room upstairs without anyone in it? That fan that you forgot to switch off? The geezer with a melting thermostat? All avoidable with a little presence of mind!
 This 2020, the change starts with you, around you and by you!

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