How to Snack Smart at Your Workplace

Do you ever feel like your office / workspace could do so much more to help you and your tribe get fitter? Especially with the food and snack choices that are on offer? Perhaps if all those fried, carb-loaded packets and sugar-riddled drinks and sweet eats were replaced by items that treated your body right. Wouldn’t that be a jolly start towards achieving those constantly escaping fitness goals?

A lot of you may have thought this too, and resigned to either abstaining completely or giving in to those tempting carbs in a moment of mad hunger. Well, we’ve been hearing your silent distress and we thought why not do something about it.

We gave it some thought, with quick fixes for hunger and thirst being kind of our thing. And after a little development and testing, we put some finishing touches to our very own snack vending machine – the SnackDroid!

The Droid comes stocked with some of our best products that we’ve been putting out keeping your health and well-being at our core. They make for healthy, quick snacks to fulfil those sudden hunger pangs and also go great with your Chai/coffee ritual.  We got into the packaged goods segment with a sharp focus to change junk snacking practices and the inception of the Droid gives us a large canvas to carry our concern for your health and well-being forward.

With a 70:30 curated mix of Chai Point’s packaged snacks and Chai at specially subsidised prices, and snacks and beverages other popular brands, it’s a highly efficient one-stop destination for a quick bite.

The Droid is easy-to-use,  has instant payment processing and refund to cut your waiting time, uses electricity with maximum efficiency and saves time when you’re crunching tasks at your workplace and want to munch on something healthy while getting them done.

We believe in providing the best value for your money, so you can be assured that the pricing is just right in that it has been benchmarked to give you transparent and value for money offerings, while also ensuring timely service and assistance.

Choose from a variety of your favourite Chai Point snacks like Cake Rusk, Banana Chips, Masala Mathri, Quinoa Puffs, Masala Biscuits, Methi Khakra, Trail Mix and Multigrain Biscuit. And some bestsellers curated from other brands too!

Say goodbye to your desk hunger the healthy, stylish way as you interact with the newest shiny piece of smart technology that not only drops off some food but also saves your time in case there’s a morning report or e-mail you need to get to pronto!

Go on and get in touch with us to know more or call us if you want to see the shiny, smart SnackDroid at your workplace!

When hunger strikes out of time, keep calm and Chai Point.

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