Revolution over Resolution: 20Twentea

Januarys are usually fresh and brimming with fresh starts and health resolutions – perfect for Hot Tea Month. The weather is still chilly and a hot cup of tea can warm up your resolve and your body.

So here are some things that you can do with tea that helps set a calm and composed rhythm for the day, and the year ahead.

Brewing Over Bagging

Give those ol’ boring tea bags a rest as you turn on the style and proactivity! Steep some loose leaf tea and swing to the rhythm of creating a perfect cup while you heat the water, measure out the tea leaves, pour the boiling water and wait as you take respite in the act of creation!

Savour the moment, focus on the ease of what you’re doing and allow your cup of tea to take your day forward, crisp, bright and sorted. Check out our range of Loose Leaf Teas, picked and brought to you straight from the finest estates.

Get Giftea

Share the goodness and aura of the therapeutic touch of tea as you choose tea for those special celebrations instead of the conventional chocolate, wine and flowers route. There’s something so rewarding about introducing the tea ritual to your close ones and seeing them making it part of their routine.

Get creative. Get them Loose Leaf Teas, infusers, maybe a stylish sipper mug as you add health and well-being to their lives. We’ve got a whole host of stuff that you can get giftea with. Host Tea Parties, or even start your own Tea Tribe as you come together over tea and share art and culture!

Be an Expert

Sure, you may drink it every day but have you maybe thought of taking a class?  Perhaps reading a book about it or maybe even having your own tea blend and taste notebook?  Have fun with it as you go to a Tea Tasting event or visit a local tea vendor and sample away! Learn about the various types and grades and show off your knowledge while upping t health quotient.

Get Gastronomical

Now, since most things tea are consumed in its beverage state, it doesn’t often occur that one can do so much more with it! Earl Grey Tea Cookies and Matcha Tea Lattes are delicious.  Other less-known uses are poaching and stewing with tea. There are so many things you can make with tea, so get exploring and play Chef while you surprise the world with your newly acquired culinary skills!

Wake the Tea Connoisseur Within

Black, Green, Oolong, Herbal – try something new.  Explore the countries of origin – India, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan. Be curious about samples and order something new whenever you get a chance.

Make this a month to remember.  Tea isn’t just a great-tasting beverage but loaded with benefits for you – antioxidants, stress-relievers, catechins, polyphenols, flavonoids, stroke-reducing properties, cardio-vascular properties, even fluoride.  Start the new year on a healtea note!

This 2020, keep calm and Chai on!

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