The People’s Brew – December 2019

Dear Chai lover,

We hope the 2020 finds you in good spirits thus far, and that your resolutions aren’t left hanging out alone by themselves! 😀

As we closed the curtains on 2019, the month of December was one of prepping for all that we want to do fresh in 2020, while being keenly focussed on re-inventing and further enhancing your Chai Point experience.

So let’s jump right into recapping all that’s been happening in the month of December, shall we? Sit back, relax and recap!

New Product Launches:

Spread alert!

  • Missal Pav – There’s no food like good old Indian street food and that’s exactly what’s new! Our Missal Pav will take you on a walk down street food lane! Try it today!

  • Chola Kulcha – Check! Flavourful. Check! Tangy. Check! Filling. Double check! Tuck into our newly launched Chola Kulcha to lose yourself in a dhaba experience so authentic, it’ll have you coming back for more!

  • Tomato Pasta – There’s always that pasta craving that comes around the corner. For those, let’s introduce you to our newest creation from the Chai Point kitchen – our Tomato Pasta!

  • Plum Cake – To get into the spirit of Christmas, we launched our own limited edition of the ever-staple Christmas delight, the Plum Cake!

  • Hot Chocolate – You can have the chocolate & drink it too! Celebrate winter chills by warming the soul with a blissful cup of Hot Chocolate, a la Chai Point!

New Store Openings:

Coming soon, to a city near you! In the meantime, here’s some new Chai Point stores to look out for!

  • Marathahalli, Bengaluru – Your Chai Point experience just got an upgrade, Marathahalli! We’re back and we’re new and shiny! Stop by your favourite Chai joint in town for a great food and beverage experience!

  • Viviana Malla, Mumbai – Mumbai, we’re excited to be opening up another Chai Point store in your lovely city! Now open – 2nd floor, Viviana Mall, opposite the food court. From 10 am – 11 pm, Monday to Sunday! Come over, for a Chai experience like no other.

In Focus:

The Leaf, Bean, Fresh Food & Hygiene (LFB2H) Programme

At Chai Point, we believe in a dynamic, satisfying customer journey, right from the start when you share your profile with us. To create an exemplary experience, especially at store level, we are of the belief that food & beverage taste, quality and hygiene is something everyone tends to carry back with them and reminisce, much after a purchase and therefore should be top notch.

The gatekeepers of these three chief parameters are our staff, and one of our key pillars as a brand is meticulous detail and efficient programmes in training our store partners. To empower our store partners to serve you without apprehensiveness and to shift customer focus to a partner’s expertise, we’ve launched the LBF2H program.

That’s a wrap from us at your favourite destination for all things Chai! We’ve got a whole host of new developments brewing over here and we can’t wait to see you here, with the next edition!

Until then, cup, cup and away!

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