Come As You Are

It brings us immense joy to see people from all walks of life walking into our stores for their fix of Chai/coffee. To celebrate that diversity, we wanted to make you feel included and welcome to Chai Point, whoever you are, wherever you may be! So, here’s a heartfelt welcome:

We see busy faces in bustling spaces. Ignited minds intent on bending the limitations of time. Illuminated souls driven by ambitious goals. Hustling. Thinking. Moulding Shaping.

White collars with brown stains. Blood, sweat, tears. Keyboard creases and half-written pieces. Hearts on the sleeve and heads held high, one sip closer to wings that fly.

We got dreamers and doers. Working class heroes chasing paycheck zeros. T-shirt stripes with the desi vibes. Tech wizards and finance buzzards, creative creatures and product preachers. Thinking out of a cup. Going places, going up.

There’s winners and losers, basic handsets and IPhone users. Famous Insta stars and closet musicians with hidden bars. Looking for reason, searching for rhyme, one cup at a busy time!

We’ve got philanthropists and entrepreneurs, activists and connoisseurs. Revolutions and resolutions. Business suits and combat boots. Seasoned veterans and fresh-faced recruits, drinking on in quiet cahoots.

Whether you live near,
Or you come from far …
Walking up or in a car,
Come as you are. 

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