Coffee in 2020

We did some homework to get up to speed with how the world does Coffee in 2020!

If you too are just as curious as we are about what’s fresh & Coffee in 2020, read on.

  • Black Coffee – Customers aren’t just opting for milk alternatives, increasingly they’re also choosing to skip milk altogether. As tastes shift towards lighter roast coffee, and brewing methods such as batch brew filter & cold brew are becoming more widely available, we are starting to see more coffee being had black.
  • Sustainably Sourced Coffee – With concerns for the Earth and warming temperatures, customers  have been seeking out coffee beans that  have been sustainably grown. The support of sustainable growers has been increasing steadily over the past few years and is projected to keep increasing.
  • Coffee Delivery –It’s not just limited to full meals, people are now ordering smaller items like ice-cream, juices and coffees using these services. Coffee delivery continues to grow around the world.
  • Nitro Coffee and Coffee Spritzers – Nitro coffee saw a steep rise in popularity in 2019 and is expected to get even more popular in the coffee scene of 2020. Joining nitro coffee this year will be the introduction of coffee spritzers. Coffee brewers are adding a splash of soda water or other carbonators to smooth cold brew coffees and create a new drink for 2020.
  • Non-Dairy Milk – Non-dairy milk variations have grown in popularity over the last couple years and have recently started impacting coffee trends. Soy, lactose-free, or almond milk are pretty well-established, but options like cashew, oat, rice, coconut, hazelnut, macadamia, and pea milk may take center stage in 2020 as dairy substitutes and creamer alternatives.

So, if you ask us what else is trending in the coffee space in 2020, keep your eyes peeled to our social media … there’s definitely something brewing!



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