Breakfast Of Champions

Februarys are usually cold in most parts of the world, and some, usher in February by observing Hot Breakfast Month. The whole idea of Hot Breakfast Month is to give breakfast its due importance by setting aside some extra time every morning to make a hot, fresh breakfast.

Breakfast > Procrastination

Everyday life often gets a tad too busy and there’s always a good chance that breakfast is the first ritual to take a hit in exchange for a snack bar, protein shake or cereal. Hot Breakfast Month is your chance to pamper your start to the day! 

Get instagramming and share pictures, recipes and inspiration with your tribe as you get hashtag-savvy with #HotBreakfastMonth.

Just in case,

Procrastination > Breakfast

We’re on Swiggy, Zomato or UberEats and we’ll nudge your good intent along the right direction. 

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