Chakna with my Chai, Please

If you’re not a Chai-Charcha person, chances are you are a Chai-Chakna person and that’s sentiment-worthy! Although there are several occasions when one drinks his/her Chai without accompaniments, a meet-up with friends or a team meeting at work usually brings Chakna cravings to the fore!

From samosas to bajjis, from chaat to momos, India is a cultural platter of mouth-wateringly delicious snack accompaniments that complement the Chai ritual with unmatched panache.

Through this piece, we take a look at a list of Hall-of-Fame snacks from India, that have been adored and adopted world over.
So let’s see what they are, shall we?

  • Samosa – The samosa needs no introduction, as it is the most chanted mantra for a snack preference during Chai time. 
  • Kachori – These flaky and fried rounds filled with a spicy lentil mix are best enjoyed with tamarind chutney. You simply can’t get it wrong with a kachori and a cup of Chai/coffee.
  • Mirchi Bajji – A fiery and tangy snack made with green chillies, tamarind and coconut. It is fried crisp and served hot with chopped onions. The number of people who swear by the Mirchi Bajji – Chai combination is quite intense!

So next time you’re drinking your cup of Chai/coffee, you may be haunted by a lingering memory of these snacks. If all this talk of food is making you hungry, we’re just a few clicks away! 

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