My Cup Of Chai & Coffee

I like ripped jeans and cool tees,
Busy places with a cool breeze.
I love kurtas and kameez ,
Open spaces with many trees.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S or Game of Thrones,
Saas-bahu soaps with dramatic undertones,
I Microsoft Office with practiced ease,
Dabble in the arts across the seven seas.
I speak vernacular,
And think colloquial

I like big burgers,
And mini samosas.
I drink and I know things.

I like long drives where time flies.
I like busy days with French Fries.

I progress with science when I need.
And de-stress with nature when I’m freed.

Ebb and flow of the ocean,
Swing and sway of emotion,
Nothing lasts is my refrain,
As the moon is my feelings wax and wane,
I remain calm …
For I have my cup in hand.

A little sip of hope, a big cup of rejuvenation.
A tiny bubble of thought, a large mug of inspiration.
A breath of fresh air, a gulp of restoration.
A silent ritual. A roaring celebration.

I know the hope in my Chai,
And the resolve in my Coffee.

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