The People’s Brew – January 2020

Dear Chai lover,

We hope that the start to your 2020 has been a great one thus far, filled with fresh brews and great news.

It’s been a January of planning and preparation at your favourite destination for all things Chai and Coffee, while we gear up to bring you a whole lot of new, exciting developments for the rest of 2020.  From bigger and better cafés, to new, exciting food and beverage products to launching a fresh, young, vibrant brand of Coffee – stay tuned to this space in the coming months for a whole lot of activity!

That of course means that January has been a relatively quieter month in terms of us opening new stores and bringing you fresh food and beverage concepts, which you can expect a flurry of in the coming months. Nevertheless, let’s get re-capping the month of January at Chai Point.

New Product Launches:

  • Kashmiri Kahwa – From the foothills of Kashmir, straight to your cup! Have you tried our Kashmiri Kahwa yet? Made with Green Tea and Kashmiri saffron, taste the mountains in every sip!

New Store Openings:

Coming soon, to a city near you! In the meantime, here’s some new Chai Point stores to look out for!

  • Connaught Place B-Block – Dilliwaalon, Chai break ab toh banti hai! Come on over to our newest Chai Point store, at Connaught Place, B – Block, shop number B1, Inner Circle. Open Monday to Sunday, 8 am – 11 pm! Near or far, come as you are!

In Focus:

It’s not out of place to think about the faces that go behind all that you eat or drink when you’re at a restaurant isn’t it? And if you’re curious enough, you find yourself wondering what they look like, what kind of food they like to eat and what their idea behind the food you’re getting served is.

Let us introduce you to the F&B team at Chai Point who are constantly trying to re-invent your Chai Point experience while wowing your taste buds.

Meet the team:

Chef Saurabh Saxena
Industry Experience: 17 years
Value Proposition: Developing USP products and formats with experience in 20+ countries and multiple brands with a design thinking approach.

Chef Anirudh Srivastava
Industry Experience: 17 years
Value Proposition: F&B Innovation, Production Process Development, F&B Menu Creation & Curation

Chef Anurag Biswal
Industry Experience: 10 years
Value Proposition: Indian Contemporary Cuisine, Product Development & Packaging

Chef Swati Prabhu
Industry Experience: 3 years
Value Proposition: Beverage tasting and development, USP-based Menu Creation & Curation.

L-R: Chef Anirudh, Chef Anurag, Chef Swati, Chef Saurabh

That’s a wrap from us at your favourite destination for all things Chai! We’ve got a whole host of new developments brewing over here and we can’t wait to see you here, with the next edition!

Until then, cup, cup and away!

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