A Chai Lover’s Guide To Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re single or taken, fluttered heart or forsaken, we’ve got enough love to go around!

This Valentine month of February, if you’ve got that special someone, come on over to Chai Point and strengthen your bond over the sacred ritual of Chai.

If you’re single, come on over and we’ll pamper you with all the love you’d possibly get with our service! Not discounting the fact that maybe you’d even bump into someone who you vibe with over a cup of Chai!

If you’re nursing a heartbreak, allow the therapeutic touch of tea heal you wherever you are. If you aren’t able to come to us, let us come to you.

If you’re a non-believer in the lovey-dovey stuff, you know where to get your Chai – no muss, no fuss.

Planning to spend the day indoors? Here’s a few things that is definitely going to make your loved one feel special and take notice of how thoughtful you are:

  • Breakfast in Bed – Crumbs and bits over sheets and spreads can be a pesky ordeal. But who doesn’t love the idea of being woken up with a kiss and their favourite cup of tea – perfectly made by the person who knows exactly which cup of breakfast tea you like best. Go all the way and add a rose and a card – the perfect way to say ‘I love you’.
  • Making a Playlist – Before the days of Spotify & iTunes, one of the ultimate acts of expressing love was to create a mixtape or a CD with your loved ones’ favourite tunes. Creating a personal playlist that evokes special memories is such a nice thing to do – so get mixing.
  • Gifting Tea – A favourite mug and tea is not just for Valentine’s Day. Try one of our Loose Leaf Teas – the perfect gift for any tea lover and will be a lovely reminder of your undying love for days and weeks to come.


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