The Chefs’ Corner

It’s not out of place to think about the faces that go behind all that you eat or drink when you’re at a restaurant isn’t it? And if you’re curious enough, you find yourself wondering what they look like, what kind of food they like to eat and what their idea behind the food you’re getting served is.

Through this piece, we introduce you to the F&B team at Chai Point who are consistently trying to re-invent your Chai Point experience while wowing your taste buds.

Meet the team:

Chef Saurabh Saxena
Industry Experience: 17 years|
Value Proposition: Developing USP products and formats with experience in 20+ countries and multiple brands with a design thinking approach.

Chef Anirudh Srivastava
Industry Experience: 17 years
Value Proposition: F&B Innovation, Production Process Development, F&B Menu Creation & Curation

Chef Anurag Biswal
Industry Experience: 10 years
Value Proposition: Indian Contemporary Cuisine, Product Development & Packaging

Chef Swati Prabhu
Industry Experience: 3 years
Value Proposition: Beverage tasting and development, USP-based Menu Creation & Curation.

The ideology behind the Chai Point menu

We’re in conversation with Chef Saurabh Saxena with a keen eye on elaborating on the philosophy behind our current menu and the R&D pipeline for curating new products for the Chai Point menu.

What is the ideology behind our current menu?

Chef Saurabh: Our ideology behind the current Chai Point menu was to curate a menu that perfectly complements the ritual of Chai or coffee. If you take a closer look at the menu, we’ve tried to create a good balance between authentic, traditional food and edgier, urban fusion cuisine that caters to a wide range of palates across India and the world.

Do you see an increasing importance for food among Chai/coffee drinkers?

Chef Saurabh: With the modernisation of Chai/coffee consumption, apart from the taste and quality of Chai, there’s definitely an experiential side and that’s what you observe with the café culture. People associate with Chai/coffee as a mid-meal break where they can eat a light snack and refresh with their cup. It’s up to us to provide them with something that is light, authentic and healthy.

What kind of food can we expect Chai Point to add to the menu in 2020?

Chef Saurabh: We’re currently working on a new category of food that I would term as ‘Fusion-International.’ Indian flavours infused with international ingredients, to create our own unique continental fare that’s popular around the globe. Health is something that’s a big consideration for us in the near future, so more health-conscious options is definitely something that you can expect to see at Chai Point. Overall, food as you know it at Chai Point is going to transform into a more definitive experience. 

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