Coffee Around Town

On a normal day, as soon as you wake up – you find yourself thrown right into the middle of things. Talk about rude awakenings! You have to get up, do your chores, get ready, prepare your meals/make arrangements, take care of the household, navigate through traffic and whew, you finally get to work, just to find out that you’re in for a hectic day!

For a lot of us the one thing that gives the energy and courage to take on the day ahead, is a great cup of Coffee! From homemakers to software professionals, marketing gurus to artists and craftsmen, accountants to HR – every role has its own demands and a good Coffee is the holy grail of getting things done with freshness and verve.

Through our journey of serving a great cup that brightens lives and brings people together, we’ve come to understand that for many of you, Coffee is your cup of Chai.

For you coffee lovers, we introduce C.A.T – Coffee Around Town!

C.A.T range of Coffees include –

  • Espresso
  • Cappuccino
  • Americano
  • Macchiato
  • Café Latte

C.A.T range of Coffee is made from carefully roasted beans sourced only from Rainforest Alliance certified estates to give you a unique taste and flavour. The aroma of C.A.T. range of Coffees is distinct and will leave you following the Coffee trail.

So if you’re looking for THAT cup of Coffee that will keep you going through the day while transporting you to lush Coffee gardens with every sip,  come over to Chai Point and savour a fresh cup of Coffee Around Town!

Your town, your Coffee!

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