Vending As A Solution – VAAS

From when Chai Point first started back in 2010 all the way up until today, a lot has been happening, and maybe even changed. If there’s one thing that’s stayed constant however, is that we started out with the sole intent to help you get that excellent cup of inspiration and motivation at your workspace. With your convenience and well-being the core driving factor for why we do, what we do.

With the inception of boxC, we were able to come and deliver the authentic Chai Point experience at your workplace. And since, we’ve been continuously researching and developing solutions for you to be able to get the beverages and refreshments at your office/organisation in the most efficient way possible.

After some thought and innovation, we’re proud to bring you an end-to-end solution for corporates, complete with beverages and snacks from boxC – VAAS or Vending As A Solution.

So what is VAAS?

The complete digitisation of processes from sampling and on-boarding to payments and reconciliation has been a game changer for us and the dispenser industry. Since all the steps are digitised, it gives both the client and Chai Point a 360 degree view of our products and services, with a personal dashboard for each organisation/user profile.

We call this seamless, end-to-end solution VAAS. Let’s take a closer look at what’s been made easier for boxC via VAAS.

Personal Dashboard for Dispenser Tracking


As you can see, we’ve gone a step ahead and personalised the boxC experience with convenience and efficiency the driving factors for VAAS.

Now with boxC, you not only get a great cup of Chai/Coffee, you also get a complete overview of your esteemed association with Chai Point. Think Chai/Coffee, think VAAS.

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