Your Friendly Neighborhood Café

Dear Chai community,

We’re into a few weeks now of you and us both adjusting.
Adjusting to how our ritual of Chai/Coffee is constantly changing as we know it. Especially for those of us living the hustle and bustle of city lights.

Social distancing at the time of a pandemic has seen us adjust, reflect and evolve to making smarter and quicker decisions. From individuals like yourself to organisations like us, we’re periodically re-evaluating how to solve problems in the safest and most efficient ways possible.

For most of us, problem-solving and good spirits start with a cup of Chai or Coffee in hand. Through this social distancing and lockdown period, it’s increasingly clear to us that whether you’re making it at home or having it delivered – Chai/Coffee is what keeps a lot of us going even through tough times.

As boardrooms become bedrooms, and balancing work and domestic duties become hard, we felt it was important to offer an alternative to those of you who may be juggling one too many things and wished you had the time to make some Chai/Coffee or refreshments for yourself.

Let us give each of you hustling and breaking your backs for you and your families, a small Chai break.  To just sit down, take a deep breath, re-align and prepare to take on your tasks and duties head-on.

We’re using our social and digital channels the best we can to keep you informed, engaged and entertained while you stay put at home. Do remember to check out recipes, playlists and quizzes and other things we have in store for you. If you find that you like it, please do share it with your tribe!

More importantly though – via our delivery partners and observing strict health and safety parameters across our outlets, we’ve set out on this journey to home-deliver your cup of inspiration and hope – clean, convenient and contactless.

Just think of us as your friendly neighbourhood café that misses seeing you come in everyday!

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