The ABC of WFH

As working remotely continues to be the new normal through the COVID-19 pandemic, we see most of you have already hit the groove when it comes to really optimising your Work From Home schedules!

Balancing calls and mails requires a certain amount of focus and quiet, so it’s important to sort out the basics before jumping right into a work day from home!

For those of you still figuring out how to boost your Work From Home jam, let’s get right into how you can efficiently go about your day!

  • Choosing Your Spot :

Pick a spot which is facing east! Cause Vaastu is also important to tame factors out of your control for a smooth WFH day! 😀

We kid of course, so when it comes to finding the right spot make sure you cover the basics – like having a comfortable chair to keep your back straight if you’re working long hours, good lighting so your eyes can deal with the strain and somewhere where it’s quiet so you can take calls and think uninterrupted.

  • Setting Up the Workstation:

While setting up your workstation, the main thing to remember is that if you’re involved in video calls you may want to set it up somewhere where your background is ambient and not dramatic or grandiose like a Sanjay Leela Bhansali set. 😀

Also, make sure your laptop, cables, charging ports, stationary, etc and whatever else you may need is available at arm’s length so you don’t have to keep jetting off here and there!

  • Set Times for Personal Commitments:

One of the biggest challenges while working from home is also having to juggle domestic commitments and responsibilities.

Food, family and other factors always require equal parts attention so be prepared to have to forego some log in time while accounting for these. However, marking off times for routine duties always helps prepare ahead which makes time-management easier and working from home more efficient.

Or maybe you have a sand-clock that helps you control time as you please! 😛

  • Keep the Non-Work Related Dialogue Flowing:

A little sensitivity and empathy goes a long way in ensuring synergy while working with a colleague . Keep the non-work related conversations flowing as you would while you’re at office. Gossip is even juicier when you’re starved of some office dishum dishum!

Take breaks, ask each other how you are doing, talk about your passions/hobbies and keep each other’s families and circumstances in your mind.  A little genuineness goes a long way!

  • Keep Yourself Full & Fueled:

Food, beverages and work are as holy a trinity as any other and as humans, we’re walking chemical reactors so what better way to chemically boost your productivity than keeping yourself nourished, full and fueled!

From meals to snacks to Chai and Coffee, don’t compromise on your intake that you may follow routinely in office but has taken a hit since you started WFH. If you’re ever pressed for time or could use a break from going into the kitchen, check out our range of WFH combos curated specially to make your work day flow smoother!

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That brings us to the end of this segment and we really hope that skimming through this has given you the right ideas to make your Work From Home more easy-breezy!

Stay tuned to this space for more content you can unwind with over a cup of Chai/Coffee whenever you want to take a break!

Keep calm. Stay safe. Chai on!

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