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As we continue to find our feet in these days of lockdowns and social distancing, if there’s one thing we can be sure of, is that the times they are a changing.

The more people get accustomed to staying indoors and the prevailing times cause boredom, frustration and economic spirals, one thing we can be sure of is that businesses are slowly opening up and working their way towards full functionality.

We have gone back to the drawing board ourselves and ushered in big changes to how we function through our omni-channels. Through this piece, we will take you through how we’re trying to optimise safety and convenience for your Chai Point experience.

Many of you might be recently heading back to your workplaces or are waiting to be called in to work. With safe home/office delivery the need-of-the-hour, we have structured and implemented a clear-cut safe contactless delivery model. 

Use of safety equipment, regular temperature checks, frequent sanitisation of kitchens & surfaces, and complete sanitisation of packaging from our end ensures that those of you who depend on online delivery are assured a completely safe and convenient Chai Point experience.

We’re also now available via What’sApp if you want to order from your neighbourhood Chai Point store! You can look forward to great discounts and deals when you order via WhatsApp or through the Chai Point app!  

For those of you who have already started working from your offices, we understand that Chai breaks are going to change completely as you may not be able to step out as freely as before for a stroll and your go-to tapri Chai.

At boxC, we’ve been gearing up through the lockdown to provide the safest and most cost-effective solutions for you to get a great tasting cup of Chai/Coffee at your workplace while saving you the health & safety hazards of having to settle for a cup of Chai where you don’t really know the levels of hygiene and source of ingredients.

With the opening of businesses to their full operating potential, you can count on seeing interesting changes in the way you would experience dining out or when heading over to your favourite Chai Point cafe.

Our cafes will be equipped with sanitiser dispensers, zero-contact door and switch points, fresh gloves, temperature checks, social distancing seating and more such safety measures that are need-of-the-hour.

The importance of technology in bridging gaps while integrating a safer, more convenient and personalised dining experience is paramount and we are already optimising new avenues for you and us to explore!

Through FOUNTAIN, our in-house digital solutions platform, we’re working on integrating your entire Chai Point journey through any of our omni-channels onto a completely digitised setup which will essentially simplify and amplify your Chai Point experience wherever you are –  with the touch of a few buttons.

WhatsApp ordering, E-bills with staff temperature and end-to-end delivery via our native channel are just some examples of how we’re trying to further personalise your Chai ritual.

As we keep navigating through post-COVID times, you can be sure to expect a lot more developments and brand new, innovative ways of re-discovering your Chai ritual. So stay tuned!

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