Trust & Safety: Technology Edition

Have you been trying really hard to not order online even though you’re swamped with 10,000 other things that you need to get done? Simply because you’re a little anxious about how safe it is to order as you’re not the sole gatekeeper of safety and hygiene?

As we’re all slowly staggering back into our work and daily rhythms as they used to be pre-COVID-19, there’s many of us who are looking at or have already been ordering online, to not be overburdened by the necessity to prep meals AND contribute to a full working day – either from home or from the workplace itself.

With safety and hygiene when it comes to food preparation, handling and delivery, our services are focussed on giving you assurances backed by seamless experiences that build trust and make you feel safe every time you take a sip/bite from Chai Point.

When we first started, it was your trust in us to provide you a great Chai experience worth your time and resources that got us to where we are today.  During these trying times, the least we can do is pay it back to you, by guaranteeing you a worry-free experience every time you order from us.

Technology has continually been our backbone and is helping us come up with solutions and innovations.  Our promise of safe, hygienic and contactless delivery is driven by it.

With online aggregators such as Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo and other players making it mandatory for their fleet to maintain regular temperature checks and have the Arogya Setu app installed, we understand how the availability of such information is assuring while placing your order online.

So here’s a couple of things we’re implementing at our end to make your Chai Point experience 100% safe and assured.

E-bills with Staff Temperature Reading:

Our store staffs’ temperatures are periodically checked to ensure that your food and beverages are handled under peak physical condition and we’re going all the way to capture that on your e-bill. So when you sit down and take your well-deserved Chai break, you can rest safe and drink up knowing that your order has been handled by someone whose temperature is at an acceptable, safe level.   

WhatsApp Ordering:

We’re now available via WhatsApp if you want to order from your neighbourhood Chai Point store! You can look forward to exclusive discounts and deals when you order via WhatsApp or through the Chai Point app!

WhatsApp gives us the 360-degree ability to not only prepare your food & Chai but also pack, seal and deliver a completely sage & hygienic Chai Point experience at your doorstep.

The end-to-end process control enables us to customise and monitor each order to ensure the highest standards of quality and hygiene.   

The idea behind making ourselves available via WhatsApp came up for several reasons:

1.       To make the ordering experience easier – WhatsApp biggest lure is the ease-of-use and how concise it is when it comes to communicating directly.

We wanted to reach out to as many people as we could to solve your daily Chai/snack needs which in-turn makes it easier for us to cater to each and every one of you, specifically.

2.       To emphasise our availability and accessibility in your local community and that we’re always around in case you’re looking for some external help to get some Chai and food.

3.       To give you great deals and discounts without making you download yet another app! We also have a line-up of exclusive offers and discounts waiting for you as you try the WhatsApp experience.

We hope that these avenues make you a little more assured of the value and safety we aim to provide and that we look forward to serving you in the best ways possible!

As you’re reading this, we’re preparing more sweeping changes through technology that will help us serve you in a way that is most comfortable for you and help you to interact with us, as easy as ABC.

So stay tuned to this space, for more updates!

Yours safely,
Chai Point

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