Coming Back to Chai

It’s been more than a couple of months, since any of us got a taste of the social life we were so used to. The hustle and bustle of city life is a bit overwhelming and sometimes stepping out with friends or colleagues for a bite to eat or a drink or two used to be the glue that kept us from total boredom.

Favourite spots and cosy corners in cafes, pubs, restaurants and little places seem a little distant currently, but things are slowly but surely looking up!

Your neighbourhood Chai Point too, is slated to open and we’re currently completely revamping your café experience, keeping in mind your safety as our priority.

We’re ringing in the changes to make sure our cafés are easy to access, safe to inhabit and still as satisfying despite the obvious challenges that social distancing brings with it.

Through this piece, we want to take you through a virtual walk-through of what the Chai Point café experience would look like in the immediate future to give you an assurance of how we can continue to serve you during these times without you having to worry about your health and safety.

Come along!

·         As you walk to the café, you’d probably notice the social distancing markers leading up to the entrance where spots near the door have been demarcated for fresh gloves and foot-pedal driven hand-sanitisers so you can sanitise your hands and switch up your gloves for fresh ones to use inside the café.

·         Before you enter, one of our staff would have to take a quick body temperature scan as per government mandates on social distancing.

·         Our store staff are all suited and booted with gloves, masks, caps and shoe covers to ensure complete sanitisation protocols are maintained at all times so you may rest at ease about how your food and beverages are being prepared and handled.

·         We have a demarcated waiting area to help us seat you in accordance with alternate seating regulations which may require a small wait during rush hours to help us serve you better.

·         As you walk in towards the counters, there are distancing markers inside the café too, and your transaction with our counter staff will happen either through plexiglass or a face shield, which is again a mandate for all our staff members.

·         To make up for lost time, you can now place your order via your phone – ‘Contactless Ordering’ so we can get your food prepped as you get seated. Your bills are now electronic to avoid paper and the handling involved while you can go cashless with payment and choose from multiple modes to avoid exchanging currency.

·         To avoid crowding at the pick-up point, we will let you know your order is ready so you can be seated and comfortable until your food and beverages are ready to be picked up.

·         The pick-up area is stacked with sanitised trays. If you’ve placed your order via phone, you could just sit at your table and we will let you know when it’s ready so you can go pick it up from the counter while also avoiding crowding of the area!

·         Washrooms have been equipped with a kick pedal and toe-opener on the outside and inside respectively to keep things as contactless as we possibly could, while taps, flushes, sanitiser dispensers and newly added seat-cover changers will all be equipped with censors to make the bathroom visit as touch and hassle-free as we could.

With all these measures in place, we hope to provide you with the quality time while stepping out or re-create the outside dining experience you’ve been missing lately, where you and your close ones can go and enjoy a few sips and bites while engaging in great conversation free from the worry of health, hygiene and safety! 

We look forward to having you over and our place bustling again! In a completely socially, worry-free environment where you can savour every moment of your Chai ritual.

Yours safely,
Chai Point

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