Now Brewing: A Worry-free Chai Break

You may have been recently called back to the office or are going yourself to get work done. Most offices, workspaces and businesses are starting to open up and while ‘Work From Home’ remains the new normal, there are definitely those of us who are starting to go back to office to get important things done or to work with more synergy with our teams and colleagues.

One significant challenge among several, while heading back to the workplace is not just getting a cup of Chai/Coffee, but one that is clean, hygienically prepared and safe. The option of going out to your favourite local tapriwala or bakery is always there, but given the current circumstances, there’s always apprehension to consume Chai/Coffee from somewhere where you aren’t sure about the method of preparation and how safe it is.

Through the lockdown, we at boxC have been occupied in making a great-tasting cup of Chai/Coffee available at your workplace in the safest and most hygienic way possible.

To make your cup of Chai/Coffee as safe as possible, we’ve undertaken the following measures:

·         All our employees travel to your site by personal vehicles only, while wearing gloves and masks throughout.

·         We do a daily temperature check and report of all our staff before our personnel is deployed at your workplace.

·         All our employees have the Aroya Setu app downloaded and activated on their phone to give you a full overview.

·         Upon reaching your workplace, our partner shall sanitise themselves and wear a fresh pair of masks and latex gloves before handling the boxC machines.

·         All external surfaces on the machine shall be sanitised thoroughly using Acton multi-cleaner.

We’ve taken every safety measure and precaution to ensure that the cup of Chai/Coffee/beverage you have at office is clean, hygienic for you to consume worry free!

We also recommend that the machine be sanitised on an hourly-basis to maintain optimum hygiene and the pantry staff at your office will be informed and trained on doing the same.

To give you every assurance of a great beverage that fuels your workday while being the safest way to Chai/Coffee, we’re happy to bring to you – ‘Contactless Vending’.

All you have to do for a safe, hygienic cup of Chai is –

1.       Scan the QR code shared

2.       You will be re-directed to a link you can click on.

3.       Your beverage options will appear on your screen.

4.       Choose and Click to collect your beverage and sip worry free.

We will be sharing more details about our ‘Contactless Vending’ in this space, so stay tuned!

As you head back to work and you could really use a cup of Chai/Coffee to boost your day, every boxC cup comes with a promise of complete safety & hygiene so you can focus on your tasks without having to worry about the source of your Chai and how safe it is to consume!

It’s our promise to all of you hustling and working hard during these tough times! We wish you good health and hygiene.

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Yours safely,
Chai Point

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