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As you stay indoors and feel the restlessness to step out grow every passing day, there’s always a thought that if you were to step out what would be the safest place to go. You may be tempted to go eat some pani puri in your area or hit the local pizza stop. But then again, how sure can youw really be about safety and hygiene if you can’t really see it for yourself?

We’ve opened up our cafés and as we welcome you back with open arms, we’re sure that some of you may be wondering how safe it is and what your dining and service experience at a Chai Point café would be like.

Through the past month, our intention has been to give you every bit of clarity possible about how serious we are about hygiene and safety as we navigate different challenges through this period of pandemic.

Through this edition, we’d like to re-assure you about our service and staff, and the standards of safety and hygiene we’re ensuring at our cafés to ensure that you can come in and have a worry-free Chai Point experience.

Take a walk with us as we take you through what each of our store staff follows to the letter to keep Chai Point a safe and hygienic zone!

Fresh Gloves – Fresh gloves are to be worn before handling of any item and the same is ensured cyclically. Gloves are replaced every 3 hours.

Fresh Masks – The face mask that he/she is wearing shall be mandatorily be replace by a fresh mask and this exercise is repeated every time he/she enters or re-enters the café from outside.

Temperature Checks – As each staff member reports in for duty, the first level of safety begins where his/her body temperature is clocked and can only continue with his/her routine if the temperature is found to be within the acceptable limit.|

Sanitisation of hands before entering café – Before any staff member enters the café, he/she sanitises hands at the entrance.
20-second handwash – Upon entering, he/she shall head on straight to wash hands thoroughly for 0 seconds as per WHO guidelines.

Shoe Covers – Clean shoe covers are mandatory for all store staff and they ensure that they are equipped with them before they start their duties.

Hair Cap – We provide fresh hair caps periodically to all our staff members to maintain the strictest levels of safety & hygiene.

Face Shield – To cap it all off, each staff member is provided with a face shield to maintain social distancing norms and give you the safest and most hygienic service we possibly could.

Our GMTS – Gloves, Masks, Temperature, Sanitisers promise helps us  and you maintain the highest standards of safety & hygiene in all our cafés.

With all these safeguards in place, we can assure you that if you do want to step out of the safety and comfort of your house, a Chai Point café is a good bet to go and enjoy a cup of Chai, food and a change of scene, safe and worry-free! Allow us to keep you fueled and safe!

Yours safely,
Chai Point

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