Every Delivery, Safe Delivery

It could be one of those days where you are overwhelmed with work, overburdened by news and overspent physically and emotionally. You want to make Chai for yourself but getting off the couch seems like a distant milestone. You’re craving for some chakna too, but that too requires getting up from your comfort zone.

So you take out your phone and you start swiping away at possible options. The scrolling comes to a halt as you see your neighbourhood Chai café on your screen! You already recall the safety and hygiene assurance that you’ve seen and experienced a few times now, and you know that you’re in good hands with us!  

But given the current scenario, we don’t blame you if you’re thinking “What is so special about these guys that I’m ordering from them repeatedly?” The answer lies in the question doesn’t it?  If you have been ordering from us repeatedly, you are already aware that if you must order in, Chai Point is pulling all stops to ensure that you get a safe, hygienic and convenient experience with just the touch of a few buttons.

Maybe you’ve read about how we’re doing it or glanced upon what we’re doing to ensure that every order from our end goes out with utmost care and hygiene to keep you safe from ailments in the air.

In case you missed it though, let us reassure you through this piece.

With online aggregators such as Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo and other players making it mandatory for their fleet to maintain regular temperature checks and have the Arogya Setu app installed, we understand how the availability of such information is assuring while placing your order online.

To further the safety angle, we do a temperature check when handing over your package to the Swiggy/Zomato/Dunzo delivery partner.

Our store staffs’ temperatures are periodically checked to ensure that your food and beverages are handled under peak physical condition and we’re going all the way to capture that on your e-bill. So when you sit down and take your well-deserved Chai break, you can rest safe and drink up knowing that your order has been handled by someone whose temperature is at an acceptable, safe level.  

While picking up packages for delivery, social distancing markers have also been placed around the delivery booth.

We’re now available via WhatsApp if you want to order from your neighbourhood Chai Point store! You can look forward to exclusive discounts and deals when you order via WhatsApp or through the Chai Point app!

When you order via What’sApp, our own delivery partner who will already have been sanitised and checked before entering shall drop your package at your doorstep – safe and contactless!

How To Order Via What’sApp in 5 simple steps:

1. Open the Chai Point chat window.

2. Enter your location / enable GPS.

3. As your location is set, you will get a Chai Point menu.

4. Make your selection.

5. You will get a payment link through which you can make the payment.

Your order will be accepted and delivered at your doorstep upon confirmation of payment.

So the next time you or someone asks why Chai Point, hit them with all this information and then treat them to the experience! 😀

Keep calm and Chai on!

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