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Let’s wind back the clocks a little. To a time before the supposedly magical lure of fast food. When wholesome ingredients, indigenous recipes and ghar ka khana were at its finest.  While there is always talk of trending food and healthy fads such as millets, granola, smoothie bowls, oats, chia seeds and other millennially popular foods, it’s also important to remember food practices closer home.  From steaming idlis down south to stuffed mouth-watering paranthas up north, these foods have been around for a while and are now seeing a resurgence on social media.  

With most of us locked up indoors, a lot of you may also be re-creating restaurant classics at home and discovering that you’ve come up with a healthier alternative to eating from your favourite joints. The main factor behind this, is of course the regulated use of ingredients but also debunking trends and fads that only certain types of foods are suitable to provide good nutrition overall!

Take the parantha for example. Every house has their own signature paranthas – made by the head chef of the house. In fact in many homes, the parantha is not just a food item, it’s a ritual that runs deep in sentiment. It’s always mostly served with generous amounts of ghee / butter and is usually perceived to be indulgent versus nutritious, yet the parantha is a meal that is complete with high nutrition value thanks to the freshness and nature of ingredients used.

At Chai Point, the parantha for us is a symbol of great taste, super value and easy-to-eat convenience for hunger pangs at any time of day. We’ve been focussed on putting the most contemporary touch on the parantha with our packaging and presentation, all while retaining the sentiment and flavour from our rich history to give an experience that’s complete – great taste, high nutrition and completely filling!

With that being said, allow us to introduce you to an all-new spread straight from the parantha corner. It’s classic-yet-contemporary, historic-yet-modern and most of all, wholesome, tasty and hygienic – just as food made at home!

Let’s check out the range:

  • Murgh Methi & Paratha – A Nawabi-style preparation of tender chicken chunks, mildly spiced & simmered in a green coriander & fenugreek gravy with fresh cream and curd. Served with 2 soft paranthas, butter, your choice of plain/masala raita and pickle.
  • Darbari Chicken & Paratha – A royal preparation of tender chicken chunks tempered in a butter-loaded tomato & fresh cream gravy. Served with 2 soft paranthas, butter, your choice of plain/masala raita and pickle.
  • Rajma Masala & Paratha – An authentic North Indian delicacy – red kidney beans simmered in a mildly spiced tomato & onion gravy with a distinctly desi flavour and aroma. Served with 2 soft paranthas, butter, your choice of plain/masala raita and pickle.

Journey through a variety of places and timelines from rich Indian history as you taste the different flavours from the days of the Nawabs to the evergreen classic legend of Delhi streets. Let the masalas take you on a journey through time!

All Paranthas and gravies come in our signature, ready-to-eat, convenient biodegradable packaging. We’ve taken every precaution to handle your order with the utmost care with complete safety and hygiene assurance of tamper-proof packaging and contactless delivery.

So next time you want to treat yourself or friends or family, bunk the pizza and parantha away!

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