No Confusion, Only Infusion

Have you wondered when someone says ‘infused Tea’, what it’s really about? Well, if you’re thinking fruit or herbal teas, you’re not wrong.

Infusions have a base tea–typically green or black–mixed with the infusion of a particular flower, herb or fruit that could add flavour, taste and enhance the healthy benefits of drinking tea itself.
Infusions are a great way to stay hydrated and with a cup averaging about 4 calories, they can be a tasty way to enjoy a sweet, fruity or spicy drink without sugar.

With a flavour to suit every palette, they’re a delicious plant-powered way to boost a healthy lifestyle while being a terrific alternative to heavy caffeine/tannin-based beverages.

Infused tea achieves perfect balance between green/black teas which are very healthy but not really tasty. Enjoying plain green/black tea is an acquired taste and seldom had without honey/jaggery/sugar as it should be. To maximise taste and invoke all the benificial powers of green/black tea, try a flavour instead. Infusions add taste, colour and flavour in the form of natural ingredients like ginger, mint, hibiscus, lemongrass to a base tea like green tea or black tea.

You also tend to pile on the additional health benefits from the infusions. If it’s a ginger-infused tea, ginger benefits the sinuses while lemongrass in your tea relieves anxiety, lowers cholesterol levels and boosts red blood cell levels.

The health benefits of infusions with the green tea run into pages, but the most visible effect of drinking infused tea is feeling an instant energy boost, which makes it a terrific alternative to carbonated and sugary packaged drinks. .

A little secret about infused tea is that it can be consumed either hot or cold! But imagine just drinking plain ol’ green tea cold? Enough to bring back memories of that green tea bitterness isn’t it?

With Chai Point’s range Loose Leaf Teas, we encourage you to go ahead and try your own fresh infusions! Get creative and see what possible combinations/infusions you can achieve! Some infusions we personally recommend are lime, lemongrass, ginger, spearmint, hibiscus, lavender, cranberry with some Assam/Nilgiri black and green teas!

Explore the really vast world of good health and vitality with each infusion of your choice as it comes alive when infused with fresh, handpicked Loose Leaf Teas.

Get started on your Infused Tea ritual at

A toast to brewing good health and great days.

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