Revamping Your Workplace

As you’re reading this, it’s maybe been a while since most of you worked out of office spaces, Tech Parks and such and by the time the pandemic has seen its end, you’re probably gearing up to go have a great work day back at your offices and workspaces!

As is with any change, chances are many things are not going to be the way they used to be. So while you’re making peace with how you may not be able to have your pre-COVID way of life especially at office, let us make things a little brighter about what you can look forward to once you’re back.

We understand stepping out for your Chai, Coffee and snacks may be a bit of a challenge in the months to follow, so we’ve decided to furnish your office with what we call “Full Stack Vending Solutions” powered by Chai Point.

What can you expect from it is what you’re probably thinking, so let’s dive straight in.

Snack & Beverage Range:

From authentic Chai to premium Bean to Cup coffees, we’ve got a whole range of beverage dispensers tailor-made for offices and workspaces of every size and employee count. To complete the ritual of the office Chai/Coffee we also thought that a good mixture of healthy and indulgent snacks ought to be available and thus our SnackDroid vending machine was born.

The New Era of Vending

To give you every assurance of a great beverage that fuels your workday while being the safest way to Chai/Coffee, we’re happy to bring to you – ‘Contactless Vending’. This is the new era of vending solutions and we’re happy to be able to have you be the first ones ever to try it out! With IoT-enabled capabilities and hassle-free payments with UPI wallets, we have been able to customise and cater to the very specific needs of every office space and we aim to revolutionise the Chai/Coffee ritual at each of your workplaces.

Network Operating Centre

Having a network operating centre (NOC) essentially means is, that the complete control and details of your office Chai/Coffee consumption is saved onto a cloud that can be accessed freely anytime to monitor all your data that is collated and available to you on your dashboard.

Data-Based Problem Solving

Thanks to the availability of all machine/vending data from the NOS, it becomes easier to capture customer your employees’  feedback for taste, freshness, consistency and other parameters. This ensures that only accurate observations go under the scanner for fixes and improvements.

Certification of Pantry Staff

Most offices employ pantry staff and in such cases, they are an integral part of delivering the best Chai Point experience to each and every one. As the gatekeepers of our customer experience, we ensure that each pantry staff member receives:

  • Machine operation and cleaning training
  • Certification and Badge upon being trained
  • Quarterly Re-training & Re-certiffication
  • Re-training and New Certification for new pantry staff

Digitised Audits and Repair & Maintenance

The digitisation also offers complete control on auditing by making the whole process easier to compute and calculate. Repair & Maintenance flow also is easy with quick resolution cycles. As soon as a complaint is registered through a QR code, a ticket is raised for complaint resolution within a  4-hr TAT. A dedicated regional level team will then take appropriate action while also ensuring a regular cycle for preventive maintenance.

Fresh, Authentic, Premium Products

All the machines are powered by Chai Point’s range of Garden to Glass leaves and RFA-certified beans. This ensures that only the best produce is used to make your cup of Chai/Coffee. Our malts and snack offerings are all dated and our supply chain ensures regular cycling of fresh products. We’d like for you to have only the very  best quality.

So while you’re sitting at home and brooding about what is there to look forward to once this all goes back to normal, remember our promise to you about completely revolutionising your workplace Chai/Coffee & snacks ritual!

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